HazMat News

With the next issue gone to press, HazMat crew celebrates at Salena’s Mexican Restaurant.

Clockwise from left: Joel Byam (Business), Janet Scott (Cover Girl), Kristy Swanson (Art), Nick DiChario (Fiction, Layout), Ed Covannon (Demon Guest), Pat Rapp (Webmaster), Chris Hickey (Audio), Sally Caves (Guest), Norm Davis (Editor, Publisher, and Man of Many Hats).

Patti Harutjunian (left), Merchandise/Inventory Manager, Borders, Victor;
Norm Davis (center), HazMat Publisher & Editor-in-Chief;
Marie Mandiak (right), HazMat Editorial Assistant.

In cab: Norm Davis, HazMat Publisher & Editor-in-Chief. Other outstanding HazMat editors, left to right: Kara Popeck, Doodles; Kristy Swanson, Art; Marie Mandiak, Editorial Assistant; Pat Rapp, Webmaster; Dave Smith, Photo. Monster truck courtesy Mike Vesa, Vesa’s Automotive, Rochester, NY.