About HazMat

About HazMat Review

     Nick DiChario, Fiction Editor

When we began publishing in 1996, we were just a few writers who knew a handful of other writers, all of us writing about things that most people didn’t want to face. Things happening in the real world. Social issues, politics, religion, humanitarian violations, war and inequality.

All we wanted to do then was give a few people an opportunity for their voices to be heard. We weren’t even sure there would be a second issue. Now, so many years later, after publishing hundreds of voices, all we want to do is give a few more people an opportunity to be heard.

HazMat Review is dedicated completely and uncompromisingly to literary freedom and artistic expression.

We believe that there must be a pure forum available for writers to create pure art.

Our authors may write whatever they choose without fear of censorship or retribution.

The poetry and prose we publish is influenced by no corporate, political, religious, educational, or philosophical belief system.

We accept no advertising.

We survive on magazine sales, subscriptions, and donations. The entire staff works for free. We cherish our supporters because we know that they, too, believe in freedom of speech.

Although we like to publish poetry, prose, and artwork that demonstrates social and political awareness, we are open to all work of high quality. In evaluating submissions we look for excellent writing, passion for your subject, and superior vision.

HazMat Review is printed on high quality, glossy paper, made to last, and you will find the widest range of literature imaginable within its pages.

If you are not a subscriber, please consider it. Become a true patron of the arts.